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Marilyn R Crocker marilyncrocker at juno.com
Mon Nov 10 18:29:55 EST 2008

Dear Jack and Springboard Colleagues,

Jack,  thank you, thank you, for your continuing, gentle "prompting" that
we continue our work in discerning how we become the next phase of the

I like your idea of another Junaluska gathering (Marshall, can you make
it work again?) Clearly the election has shifted the larger context
within which we all operate, and any previous visioning would be informed
by that shift, as well as by so many other "exogenous," but fundamental
factors, like the economy.

I join you in feeling a new "energy" to bend history.

I envision our president-elect calling upon the whole nation to engage in
a new kind of sacrifice (time, talents, treasure, etc.) to address the
serious issues facing the US and its relationship to the world. 

Perhaps we, as a body who lived out in-depth experiments of
"sacrifice-on-behalf-of" are positioned to contribute to such a forum.

I'll look forward to other insights.

Grace and peace,


Dr. Marilyn R. Crocker
Crocker & Associates, Inc.
123 Sanborn Road
West Newfield, ME 04095
(207) 793-3711

On Thu, 6 Nov 2008 10:18:09 -0500 Jack Gilles <icabombay at igc.org> writes:
> Dear Colleagues,
> When we met in Junaluska last Spring we wrote and signed a 
> declaration  
> regarding our intent to be part of an Order.  We did not try and  
> define what that meant in terms of form, mission (specific) or next  
> steps.  Recently Herman Greene asked me what was the future 
> regarding  
> this question on the Order.  It deserves a response.
> Clearly we all sense that not only are we in a time of transition 
> but  
> a destinal period of transformation.  I haven't felt such energy 
> since  
> the days of the civil rights movement in the 60's and how we, as 
> part  
> of the spirit movement, had the privilege and obligation to help 
> shape  
> and give form to the Spirit moving in our time.  We called it 
> "Bending  
> History".  Now, not only do I feel that energy again, but the 
> Bending  
> History dimension seems even more real, and certainly more global, 
> and  
> of course much more urgent.  I believe it will need a body of people 
> who grasp, to a large degree, the nature of that Spirit Movement and 
> who know deeply what will be required in the way of interior 
> spiritual  
> capacity, intellectual integrity and social catalyses.  How we do 
> that  
> I don't know.  How we work together, I don't know.  How we get 
> others  
> together on this I don't know.  But I do know we need to figure it 
> out  
> and to talk about it.
> So here is my proposal.  We set a date in the Spring for a second  
> gathering in Junaluska to give some kind of form to these areas.  In 
> the meantime we should begin a constructive dialogue on this list  
> serve, and the web site to begin to flesh out our collective 
> thinking  
> and perhaps float and construct some initial models.  Those who come 
> to the Springboard gathering should come prepared to create form and 
> mechanisms for the Order.
> It would be very appropriate for others to voice their thoughts in  
> this regard to see if we can create a consensus on what we do next  
> regarding the Order.  Let the conversation begin.
> Grace & Peace,
> Jack
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