[Springboard] Limits of Power Study -- new ways to play!!!!

James Wiegel jfwiegel at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 01:37:20 EST 2008

Remember how exciting it was, the first time you charted a paper with a group, or did a cooperative study and all, how you wanted to LEARN THIS NEW METHOD?
Well here is another opportunity.  In addition to these emails on the springboard list serve, Gordon Harper has set up a discussion group on the Springboardventure Online site courtesy of David Dunn (see below), first a word from Gordon, then a link to follow.

OK, Gang --

As requested, the Limits of Power Discussion group is set up on our Springboard site.  I've not used this before, so it's all new to all of us.  As my brief note introducing the discussion group says, my understanding is that anyone who's signed on to Springboard can easily join this discussion--let's see how it works.  David did all the work on creating the site, so if we run into questions, he's probably the go to person.

And just in case any of you have forgotten how to get to the site, it is springboardventure.ning.com.  Then go to Groups to find the Limits of Power Discussion.

Jim, as discussion leader, you may want to set a context for this.  Jack, did the announcement mentioned in Jim's note below go out to the listserv?

Fire when ready, Gridley --


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