[Springboard] Mechanics of the LIMITS TO POWER STUDY -- Prep for the phone call

James Wiegel jfwiegel at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 22:19:40 EST 2008


I will also host a conference call on Wednesday, November 12.  I am thinking around 6 pm local time here in Phoenix , for 1 hour.  The call number is                  269-320-8400          .and the Participant Access Code is 881373# 


On the call, ideally one person would take each of the sections we are looking at and give an overview and leading questions (what does it SAY?  what does it MEAN? where have you EXPERIENCED this? what are IMPLICATIONS or applications?).  I can try to record it so others can listen in (with lots of luck)

 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12 CALL.  6 pm Mountain Standard Time  (see number above)
We are studying FIVE SECTIONS:  The introduction, War Without Exits and the 4 section of Chapter One
Ø       Power and Abundance (my title)
Ø       Not Less, But More
Ø       Taking the Plunge
Ø       American Freedom, Iraqi Freedom
So, we need 5 VOLUNTEERS, 1 for each section to be prepared to give an overview and spark a discussion of that section.  First come, first serve.  If we DON'T GET VOLUNTEERS, WE'LL GO AHEAD ANYWAY . . .However, who will do each??
We'll keep the call to an hour, though if people want to hang on after they can.
See you tomorrow . . .

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