[Springboard] Tonite's Springboard conference call

Marilyn R Crocker marilyncrocker at juno.com
Wed Nov 12 21:54:10 EST 2008

Hi you guys,

We had a wonderful conference call tonite on the Limits of Power.  One of
the things we sensed was lacking, was a common overarching working 
"image" (aka a chart) of that about which we were talking, or thought we
might be talking.

Would you consider participating in  discussions during the next round,
next week?
First week 11/10 ff Introduction:  War Without Exits and 1.  The Crisis
of Profligacy (we did that tonite)
Second Week 11/17 ff 2.  The Political Crisis
Third Week 11/24 ff 3.  The Military Crisis
Fourth Week 12/1  Conclusion:  The Limits of Power

And also, Nan -- would you be willing to submit a CHART of the part of
the book which we will be (and have been) discussing (or more if you are
so inclined).  I must admit, I offered your name, as I know your
discipline and skill in using our oldest intellectual methodology, but
also realized how much a chart would have enabled the fine conversation
Jim Weigel facilitated tonight.

As for me, since Joe devoured and kept regurgitating the book (remember,
I live in cow country) I never got to read it -- but I pushed my insights
into the discussion anyway, thanks to the paragraphs Jim had sent in

Tonite was a global collegium with voices from Taiwan, India/Mexico,
Maine, Florida, Iowa, Montana, Phoenix, Washington.  Let's add those from
Pennsylvania and elsewhere the next time!!


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