[Springboard] LIMITS TO POWER STUDY second week How many of you are ready for chapter 2?

James Wiegel jfwiegel at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 00:06:19 EST 2008

I really appreciated Joe Crocker's comment about not having to be in a hurry to get through the book.  What do you all think?  Ready to move to chapter 2 this week, or wanting to continue on chapter 1?  
David Zahrt has helped with some charting of the introduction and of chapter 1 (attached).
David Rebstock and David Dunn have now joined the springboardventure group (though I don't see anyone DOING anything there . . .)
Listening to the conversation this week about the auto industry and whether to "save" it, just seems to drive this notion about profligacy -- driving ourselves to consume, to live past our means, to buy on credit even deeper.  I was on an airplane and started an essay about how the population of this country was being managed like an industrial farm -- 
what is holding this in being?  where do we find ourselves caught in and even reinforcing this crisis in our communities and in our lives?

Jim Wiegel

I know nothing grander, better exercise, better digestion, more positive proof of the past, the triumphant result of faith in human kind, than a well-contested American national election. Walt Whitman

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