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But isn't the bottom line of the "Limits of Power" (first half, anyway)  that 
we already have way more than we need?  Why would I need any kind of  new 
car?  I've read studies that say my care, which gets 33 mpg on the  highway, is 
still a less extravagant way to drive.
But beyond that, why on earth is my decision, as one of some 300 million  
people, going to make a difference in the way Americans are addicted to  
extravagance?  Breaking that cycle of profligacy (which I had to look up in  my 
Websters) seems even more impossible than renewing the church.
Karen Bueno
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If  possible, I'd wait until the next generation of plug-in hybrids come on 
line,  possibly this Spring.  The Japanese car makers have them already, and 
the  Americans are working on them pretty hard.  They will be the bridge car  to 
all electrics or alternate fuel types.  They might let the diesels  from 
Europe in next year that are also high mileage cars.  

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On Nov 18, 2008, at 12:31 PM, James Wiegel wrote:

Karen's answer.  How about the rest of  you??
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My 2000 Saturn is still running with over 100,000 miles.   The new auto 
prices are so good.  Do I with good conscience buy  a new car, or do I continue to 
drive my Saturn until it dies?
Karen Bueno
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what is holding this in being?  where do we find  ourselves caught in and 
even reinforcing this crisis in our  communities and in our lives?

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