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I will also host a conference call on Wednesday, November 19.  I am thinking around 6 pm local time here in Phoenix , for 1 hour.  The call number is                  269-320-8400          .and the Participant Access Code is 881373# 


On the call, after some introductions and stuff, 
LET'S GET Joe Crocker and Gordon Harper to walk us through what Bacevich means by "American Exceptionalism"
Then perhaps DAVID ZAHRT can walk through the chart of Chapter One to see where we need more depth drilling.
Next, I would like to follow on KAREN BUENO and GEORGE HOLCOMBE and CYNTHIA VANCE's conversation:  where do we experience this, are caught in it
at the NATIONAL /GLOBAL  level -- implications for the new administration
at the HOUSEHOLD level -- implications for our individual and family life styles
at the LOCAL / REGIONAL level -- meanings for the neighborhoods and cities where we live
at the PROFESSIONAL level -- many of us are still active in the work place -- what are the implications for us in our work?
at the ORGANIZATIONAL level -- what institutions and organizations are somehow significant in holding this profligacy in being?  in moving us as a people beyond it?
Pushing further to implications, we might talk a bit about how this touches our collegiality and what we may have in common.
 WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19 CALL.  6 pm Mountain Standard Time  (see number above) 

We are studying FIVE SECTIONS:  The introduction, War Without Exits and the 4 section of Chapter One 
Ø       Power and Abundance (my title) 
Ø       Not Less, But More 
Ø       Taking the Plunge 
Ø       American Freedom, Iraqi Freedom 
I will again try to record the call, though I am teaching all day and will come in at the last minute.  
FOR NEXT WEEK, Who is willing to guide us through Chapter Two??
We'll keep the call to an hour, though if people want to hang on after they can. 
See you tomorrow . . .

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