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This was sent to me by a neighbor here in Litibu.  I thought it adds a  
lot to our continuing dialogue on the times and our role.


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> Caroline Myss Israel Tour - Oct. 2008
> This is not going to be the usual type of Thanksgiving newsletter in  
> which I remind everyone to be thankful for their blessings, although  
> I might get to that. Rather, I am in a more cosmic mood this  
> morning, so I thought I would share some thoughts that are running  
> through my mind as I attempt, in my own way, to make sense of a  
> world undergoing epoch-size changes at light speed. I al so, of  
> course, hope that this Thanksgiving newsletter will be something  
> you’ll be thankful to have read by the time you’re done with it.

> No one is untouched by these changes, and from that perspective we  
> are being drawn together in uncharted waters. None of us can  
> possibly anticipate what each new day will bring us. Will the stock  
> market go up tomorrow? Crash again? Will billions of dollars move  
> from this faltering bank to that one? Will another entire country  
> like Iceland actually go bankrupt? When have we ever witnessed such  
> unbridled madness right in front of our eyes?

> So, how do we interpret this? Where do we begin? What calculations  
> do we use that we can even begin to rely upon? This situation has  
> all the “experts” scrambling – and if I’m not mistaken, it was also  
> experts who got us into this mess. Or was it? Perhaps the greater  
> truth – the cosmic truth, as it were, is that this period of chaos  
> was always scheduled to happen. Seems to me deep in our intuitive  
> gut we’ve always been anticipating an epochal period of change. We  
> just had no idea how that period of change would actually manifest  
> and perhaps, in our naiveté, we thought that the dynamic of change  
> would somehow occur “out there” somewhere, affecting the lives of  
> others more than us, or be a controllable force that didn’t  
> penetrate our 401K’s or our subprime mortgages or our personal  
> incomes.

> I’m reminded of how many times people say this comment after a  
> disaster, “Who would ever think that such a thing could happen  
> here?” We all live in the illusion that bad things happen “out  
> there” and that our particular school of myths has the power to  
> protect us. If I’m a good person, bad things won’t happen to me –  
> but things do happen. The reason you study spiritual and mystical  
> literature is so that you can learn to “reason like a mystic” and  
> apply that skill precisely in times like this, so that when  
> difficult crises arise your response is not, “What have I done  
> wrong?” but, “Ah, so change is constant.” You haven’t done anything  
> “wrong.” Instead, we are witnessing the truths in motion that we  
> have studied for years. To wit, Buddha’s teaching: All is illusion.  
> What greater proof can we have that all is illusion than to see  
> fortresses of finance disappear in front of our eyes that just last  
> week, or last month, we would have “bet the ranch” were as safe as,  
> well, Fort Knox? Who was right? Fort Knox or Buddha? In the end, it  
> is the great spiritual teachings that always, always, always remain  
> steady, and prove to be truth.

> So let’s “reason like a mystic” as we examine the chaos in the world  
> around us. Instead of looking through the lens of ordinary reason  
> and thought, let us look through the lens of mystical law, those  
> laws which govern the collective field of energy and the collective  
> soul of humanity. This is where you need to cast your attention to  
> “see clearly,” not on the piles of mess on the earth. Once a system  
> has collapsed or is screaming for help, its energies are already  
> exhausted. The first step in learning to reason like a mystic is to  
> understand what “has” to happen, because of the level of psychic  
> free radicals in the collective consciousness. What psychic systems  
> are out of balance that need to come into balance? Nothing that a  
> person can do in the physical world can possibly redirect what “has”  
> to happen in the energetic domain if that process has already begun.  
> That is, once a woman has begun to give birth, it is too late to  
> introduce birth control to prevent her from getting pregnant. The  
> time to have an influence on the formation of events is prior to  
> pregnancy, prior to the time when certain types of changes or events  
> become inevitable because of the energy that humanity has generated.

> What, then, has to happen within our world?
> We are living at a great turning point in history. We are witnessing  
> the shifting of all the power structures of the great nations and  
> systems of this planet as they tumble out of control while  
> struggling to remain in control. The great threads holding the  
> illusion of control together are currency and oil. It’s quite  
> astounding to observe this dynamic that has silently maneuvered  
> behind the scenes for years suddenly become exposed before our eyes  
> because of the failings of greed, in effect. What we are witnessing  
> is the ceiling on greed. Apparently there is an end point, at least  
> to how the current system has structured the market.

> From a completely different perspective, we are witnessing the  
> closure of the era of separation of powers and domination by force  
> and inequality of cultures. For those of us who have aligned  
> ourselves even slightly to the perspective of holism as a personal  
> code of health, that code assumes that each organ in the body, while  
> remaining an individual organ, is no longer sovereign. It is,  
> insread, subject to a grander holistic body politic whereby the  
> whole must be served in order for the whole body to thrive. Cosmic  
> law, or mystical law, teaches that “what is in one is in the whole.”  
> This means that every person who has absorbed that mystical law as a  
> health code has also absorbed that cosmic law as a prelude to the  
> transformation of the global body politic. It can’t be otherwise  
> because, “What is in ONE is indeed in the whole.” Therefore, through  
> every action you as an individual have taken to further your  
> personal health as a “whole being” you have also inadvertently  
> supported the transformation of the global village into a whole body  
> politic at the energy level. To put this in yet a more mystical  
> context, if you thought of yourself as a “living prayer, which in  
> essence you are, then all your intentions and thoughts to become a  
> whole and healthy person are consumed by the collective soul as well  
> as your individual soul. These intentions, or units of grace, are  
> the fuel that, in turn, converts into physical events and actions in  
> the greater arena of life.

> Here’s a pause for thought: I remember studying the texts of the  
> mystical apparitions from Fatima and Lourdes and other well known  
> sightings of the Madonna. They intrigue me for many reasons, not the  
> least being the pattern behind those apparitions. Consistent with  
> her messages to the visionaries was always the urgent plea to tell  
> people to pray. The apparitions of the Fatima Madonna, which  
> occurred in 1917, included the prediction of yet another world war  
> that would eclipse World War I in size and horror, which, of course,  
> World War II did. That early exposure to “messages from above,” so  
> to speak, set me on a path of wondering for years, if “heaven”  
> already anticipated such horror, why didn’t heaven just stop it?  
> What’s with telling us to pray? Why not just stop all those evil  
> Nazis and Hitler and Stalin? How could a good and just and loving  
> heaven and God permit such nightmarish suffering? To say that I  
> struggled with this question as a child and young adult is a  
> masterpiece of understatement. The study of the Holocaust consumed  
> me from the age of thirteen as did the study of war, which still  
> consumes me, always looking fo r the root of that point of evil.

> But finally, in my own way, I understood a small piece of this  
> mystical dictate about the power of prayer. That power represents  
> the counter-power to psychic free radicals that also must find an  
> avenue of physical expression in the form of events in the physical  
> world. Psychic free radicals are generated by the negative thoughts,  
> words, and deeds of humanity, and these gather in the collective  
> unconscious, generating pools of energy that look for vessels of  
> expression. Wars, turbulence, terrorism, violence, greed, and all  
> the shadow characteristics of humanity thrive off of psychic free  
> radicals. That is simply the law of manifestation expressed at the  
> level of the collective unconscious, and we are the ones in charge  
> of how well we learn to work with these laws. The law of  
> manifestation is not just for creating personal wealth, as it has  
> been introduced in popular culture. This is a major cosmic force  
> that functions on multiple levels, including the collective,  
> creating events that affect the collective and reflect the quality  
> of consciousness as a whole. We are either subject to them or we  
> work within them, which is the essence of mystical reasoning. This  
> is what Buddha realized along with Jesus and all great spiritual  
> masters. The turning of the tides is done from above and from  
> within. It is you who must learn to work with the power of your  
> interior forces, to scaffold your inner consciousness and build a  
> soul with stamina, so that when chaos abounds around you, you can  
> see through it rather than be consumed by it.

> We can look at this time as a nightmare of chaos or we can look at  
> this time as that which we have prepared ourselves for during these  
> past many years, working on our health and on becoming more  
> conscious individuals. If this isn’t the time to put all that you’ve  
> learned about being a conscious person into action, then when would  
> be that time? Ask yourself, “Why have I worked so hard on myself?”  
> Was it just to process the wounds from your childhood? Well, if it  
> was, be done with that and get on with the business of thinking,  
> living, acting, and perceiving the world around you through the lens  
> of a mystic. This is the time to apply all the laws of the cosmos to  
> every one of your challenges, to approach every problem through  
> mystical reasoning and not that of ordinary reasoning, which will  
> draw you backwards and into your history. Looking backwards at what  
> you used to do or how you used to do something will not work anymore.

> So many people have contacted me to discuss what they should do  
> next, because their lives are melting down around them. And my  
> counsel to them is yet another mystical law, which is, “Learn to  
> think in paradox.” That is, paradox is one of the fundamental  
> expressions of the Divine. What looks like an ending is really a  
> beginning; what looks safe is really your fear talking; what looks  
> riskiest is really the way to go. Paradox is a mystical force and  
> when it is present in your life, rest assured that the Divine is  
> equally present in the event.

> To me, this is a time of great hope because when chaos abounds, so  
> does opportunity. It can look as if the field of opportunity is  
> bleak, but that is simply not true. As I teach my students, whether  
> you are healing an illness or maneuvering through change, you must  
> keep your attention in the present in order to “perceive” intuitive  
> instructions. These will rarely speak of what you have already done.  
> Rather you have to be prepared to do what you have not done before,  
> as your intuition will always direct you to draw on new inner  
> resources as opposed to relying on the old and familiar.

> The power of grace is yet another mystical resource, and not grace  
> in general, but specific grace. In my upcoming book, I elaborate  
> extensively on how to call upon your intimate graces. You have to  
> learn how to use each grace, to become familiar with its power and  
> presence. The grace of Wisdom is especially useful in times of  
> darkness, because this grace gives you the capacity to discern truth  
> in the midst of chaos, however that chaos manifests in your life.  
> The presence of grace is realized when your aptitude for discernment  
> or wisdom becomes heightened, serving you as a candle in the night.  
> Turn to Wisdom writings, either the sacred scriptures of the world  
> or the writings of all the great mystics, as a way of putting their  
> vocabulary in your head and reminding yourself of the value of wise  
> truth.

> Wisdom teaches us, for example, that if all we thought was stable  
> evaporated so easily, it can all be replaced just as quickly. Chaos  
> is as much an illusion as stability. What is not an illusion is  
> truth. Truth is the one constant. Look at whatever is happening in  
> your life and remind yourself that if it is chaotic, there is  
> something old that must be surrendered. Look to your interior and  
> listen for guidance. Remind yourself that you are alive at this time  
> because you are meant to maneuver through these changes. Move  
> forward, ever forward. And think like a mystic!

> I invite all of you to come study with me, come learn to reason as a  
> mystic in this world. My upcoming book, BEYOND REASON: Healing  
> Through Mystical Wisdom and Simple Truths, explores mystical  
> reasoning in detail, breaking the boundaries of ordinary thought.  
> The time could not be more right for this information as the changes  
> in the world have made the need to know how to use mystical  
> reasoning a matter of practical survival. I consider the election of  
> Barack Obama a global mystical event, quite frankly, a turning of  
> the tide for humanity and certainly for America. This nation was on  
> a respirator and going down fast after almost eight years of being  
> fed the poison of the Bush administration. Finally in a great voice,  
> the majority screamed, “Enough,” and we broke through the dark hold  
> of the Bush administration, redirecting this nation from  
> hopelessness to hope. Everyone feels it everywhere around the world.  
> No one has ever seen such a response to a presidential election  
> because never before has America sunk to such darkness. Never before  
> has the world witnessed such a malevolent administration in charge  
> of this great nation as the Bush-Cheney team. America was turned  
> into something it was never meant to be – an aggressive, attacking  
> nation. And we disintegrated as a result. But then we were offered  
> hope and we grabbed on to the grace with all our might. We broke  
> through that darkness, and with the force of hope we will build this  
> nation anew. And we will. And we will be all the wiser for having  
> taken this detour during these past eight years, a detour that will  
> forever remind us that we can lose our freedom, we can be led by  
> fools, we are responsible for the quality of our leadership and the  
> actions of our Senate and Congress. We must never again neglect our  
> end of what it means to be a citizen of the United States of America  
> or a conscious global citizen.

> Our time has come. We are no longer “waiting” for the era of  
> consciousness to begin. We are that era. We must now put to use all  
> that we have prepared ourselves to be and to do through these years.  
> The world is now the new monastery in the most cosmic meaning of  
> that term and you are a mystic out of the monastery, who has the  
> potential to be a force of great change in your personal life, for  
> your family, your friends, and your community. We are indeed all in  
> this together – and thank God for that.
> Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
> Caroline
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