[Springboard] Another Resource

Jack Gilles icabombay at igc.org
Sun Sep 28 16:11:42 EDT 2008

Dear All,

It is a bit amazing to me that just when I didn't comprehend the  
interrelated issues and consequences of this financial crisis ( I had  
a vague sense of a how a systems situation works), resources begin to  
show up that are so helpful.  I want to share another one that a  
neighbor here in Litibu shared with me yesterday.  Again, I would say  
this is absolutely required watching to understand the bailout that we  
are witnessing taking place.  But it is much much more than this.  It  
is the foundation of what we will need to respond to building the new  
world that is coming so fast.  It will be so unlike the one we all  
grew up in that I can't get my mind around it.

Anyway, I would urge everyone to listen to these insightful talks.  I  
don't know what it would take to have these done in every school and  
every community, but I know we need to do this in some way.

Here is the link where you can register to listen to these talks.  <http://www.chrismartenson.com/crashcourse 
 >.  I have only listened to 8 out of 20, but I am so grateful that I  
have this reference.  I never understood money, banks, the Fed, etc.  
but wow, it is absolutely mind blowing what the implications are for  
our indebtedness.

Again, after you have listened to these let's talk.



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