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Wilson Priscilla Pris at TeamTechPress.com
Sat Aug 1 17:20:24 CDT 2009

We want to share news from the Wilson household with you.

We have set up a new email address and a website for Priscilla.

Her new email address is:  Pris at TeamTechPress.com

Rod’s email address stays the same: icakc at kc.rr.com

The website is:  www.TeamTechPress.com

We invite you to explore her world of books, pictures and periodic  
writing. New writing and photography will be added occasionally on the  
blog page. The first entry is: On Safari in Kenya.

We welcome your comments on the blog.

Priscilla’s two books, The Facilitative Way and A Pioneer Love Story,  
can now be purchased on the website through PayPal. In addition, The  
Facilitative Way is available on Amazon and A Pioneer Love Story is  
available at Rainy Day Books in Fairway, KS.

Priscilla and Rodney Wilson

Priscilla Wilson
Mission Hills, KS
Pris at TeamTechPress.com

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