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Hi Bob:
Thanks for this information (and ammunition) to counter all the crap I've  
been getting from the few right-wing nuts from my past, whom I hang on to in 
 order to have an idea of what that segment of the US population is 
thinking and  disseminating.  What a free-for-all.  You don't see many people who  
have no coverage demonstrating at these town meetings against any  changes.  
And Shame on elders such as we, who have Medicare to help us with  our 
declining years (and health), when they're out there ranting and  raving!
Grace and Peace,
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rafos at sympatico.ca writes:

This  article is especially aimed at my American colleagues written by  
a  doctor describing the facts of Canadian health care.  It is  intended  
to inform people of the reality as opposed to the   propaganda that  
circulates in TV ads and through local media.   Many of the comments  
that follow the article are also  helpful.


With  respect,

Bob Rafos (proud of our Canadian health  system).

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