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David Scott mardavscott at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 09:13:03 CST 2009

david scott here --

What a wonderful and beautiful remembrance of Lela.  I believe you
spoke for all of us.  Thanks.


2009/12/3 W. J. <synergi at yahoo.com>:
> After a very full day of activities and remembrances of the many people we
> have lost on World AIDS Day this year, I was stunned but not surprised to
> hear of the passing of our dear colleague Lela Mosley.
> Exactly two years ago I had just wrapped up production on the ICAI's two new
> DVD's before traveling to Lake Junaluska for Springboard.
> Preparing the DVD's involved ongoing consultation with Lela (and many
> others) over several months, so I had the opportunity to connect with her
> again, despite her continuing readmissions to the hospital, difficulties in
> breathing, and some difficulties in conversing.
> But I can tell you that even with her oxygen tubes and struggling to
> breathe, the Lela we knew and loved was just as strong and determined a
> colleague as ever. She was very interested in any news I could offer her of
> specific people, and making phone calls whenever she could find the
> strength. She had a great memory for details, and remembered each of us that
> she knew and had worked with both in 5th City and during her many global
> visits. Those of you who were privileged to know her personally should be
> aware of how much she valued you individually and all of us as a group.
> Lela and I and others were doing our best to compile two 'honor roll' lists
> of names for the DVD's -- one of 5th citizens who were still alive (as far
> as we knew) -- and the other of those who had died. It was almost comic as
> we would go down the list! "Is So-and-so dead yet?" "Nope, she's still
> kicking!" Or "We don't know, but we think so." Et cetera.
> Well now, my friends, Lela has finally left us and joined that other honor
> roll of those who gave their whole lives in 5th City. I recall that Joe
> Mathews once said that he'd decided that when he got to heaven's gate, he'd
> not to go in, but wait there for all of The Blue to arrive, and then we'd
> all march in together.
> So now we can imagine that he's got Lela to talk with while they wait for
> all of us.
> Grace and Peace to you all,
> Marshall Jones
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