[Springboard] condolence messages to the Mosley family

Terry Bergdall bergdall2 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 11:50:57 CST 2009

Aimee Hillard suggested that many of you would probably prefer to send  
an e-message to the Mosley Family instead of one by snail mail. The  
email address of Lela's daughter, Karen Barnes, is <karendshopper at ameritech.net 
 >. At Karen's request, I wrote a "resolution" on behalf of the EI/OE/ 
ICA community to be added to other such "resolutions" at the funeral.  
These will complement the obituary. Terry

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> From: Karen Barnes <karendshopper at ameritech.net>
> Date: 3 December 2009 09:13:27 CST
> To: Terry Bergdall <bergdall at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: resolution
> Thanks Terry, this is greatly appreciated and exactly right!
> Karen Barnes
> --- On Thu, 12/3/09, Terry Bergdall <bergdall at gmail.com> wrote:
>> When I learned of Mrs Mosley’s death, I posted a notice on the  
>> internet among the network of people who had a long relationship  
>> with the Ecumenical Institute and ICA. There was an immediate  
>> outpouring of memories from countless people sharing stories about  
>> the numerous ways Mrs Mosely has touched their lives. Some  
>> remembered her presence in community development projects around  
>> the world. All were impacted by the long-standing commitment and  
>> courage she embodied during her work in Fifth City. Here are two  
>> representative examples of the many, MANY, that people shared from  
>> around the world.
>> From George Holcombe: “Several years ago at a meeting in 5th City  
>> two men with guns entered the meeting space wanting to shoot  
>> people. Lela and Dawn (Lingo) immediately got up and stood between  
>> the men and the rest of us at the table, questioning and cajoling  
>> them, explaining what 5th City was about, even as they were  
>> verbally threatened by the two. They eventually drove the two men  
>> out of the room with their arguments and obviously spared us of a  
>> tragedy. Lela was a rare and unusual Saint among us.” Here is  
>> another from Joyce Ollison Sloan: “Lela was a powerful symbol of  
>> our understanding that local people were the key to rebuilding  
>> communities. She was a personal hero of mine.”
>> That was the common theme of every message: Mrs Mosley was a hero  
>> to us to all.
>> Terry Bergdall

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