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Colleagues, If you have not yet registered for the Symposium (Dec. 17-19 in
Washington, DC), there is still a small window of opportunity.  
Even if you are unable to attend, you can participate through financial
sponsorship, which will help with publications afterwards.as we move this
profound legacy into the future.  See opportunities in the attached
Symposium Sponsorship document.  
With gratitude for our work and journeys together,  Lynda 

From: M. George Walters [mailto:m.george.walters at verizon.net] 
Sent: Saturday, December 05, 2009 10:35 PM
To: Mathews Symposium Recipients
Subject: Symposium Update -- December 5 - 3


LELA MOSLEY! On December 1, 2009, a most beloved leader of Fifth City in
Chicago's Westside completed her life at age 82. From the mid sixties till
her retirement a few years ago, Lela led Fifth City as a model community
inspiring people to grasp their destinies to build their own communities -
in villages and cities - around the world. 

   Over the decades, people came from around the world to see Fifth City and
meet its leadership and returned to their homelands with a conviction that
they too could be a model for the world to see.

   The global network of these communities was called "The Band of 24", one
in each time zone across the world and by count over 1000 communities were
transformed through this legacy alone in a few short years. 




December 5, 2009










FAQ ATTACHED - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Late Birds Last Chance on Hotel Accommodations! SEE ATTACHED



Dear Colleagues;


Register Now  - Reserve your Hotel Room Now: 


We have 112+ registrations and  space is limited to 160 in the main meeting
hall. Therefore, register as soon as possible.


Sponsorship: -- Still need about $5,000 to reach our goal 

We are pleased to have received sponsorship for the JWM Archives work and
the preparation of publications following the Symposium. Our combined budget
for these two special support options is $15,000. You may make you gift by
completing the attached sponsorship form or downloading the Sponsorship
<http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/wts_registration.html>  form from the
website -- complete it and return it to Address on the bottom of the form.
A tax exemption receipt will be available.


For quick access to the website use the following links:

Symposium Website

Click Website <http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/> 

Overview Background

Click Overview <http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/wts_about.html> 

Symposium Flyer

Click Flyer


Click Agenda <http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/wts_agenda.html> 

Workshop Tracks

Click Workshops <http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/wts_tracks.html> 

Leadership and Presentations Form

Click Leadership <http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/wts_leader_form.html> 

Presentations Guidelines

Click PowerPoint
nes.ppt>  - Papers
elines.doc>  - Workshop
pdf> Sessions

Registration Form and Costs

Click Registration

Sponsor and Support Form

Click Sponsorship



With kindest regards.


M. George Walters

Resurgence Publishing Corporation

4240 Sandy Shores Dr

Lutz, FL 33558


Tel: +1 (813) 948-7267

Fax: +1 (813) 333-1787

Mob: +1 (813) 505-9041


URL: www.ResurgencePublishing.com

Professional Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mgwalters





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