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Reminder to all that the Global Shift discussion call is tomorrow 8 pm ET. Also,don't forget to have your ONE sentence from Chapter I ready to read.

Have a safe trip Jim and Judy.

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  Wiegels will be travelling also.  try to call in via skype, we'll see . . .  fine to let go of the 22 and 29 . . .

  Am attaching an article from our paper that seems generally in line with our conversations so far.

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  Hi All,

  I would like to suggest that next Tuesday we begin our discussion by everyone giving their name and ONE sentence that stood out for them.  (Chapter I )After that we will let the conversation go wherever it leads us. A few minutes before our close those who would like can briefly say what new insight they gained from the discussion.

  Would it be OK with everyone to skip Dec.22nd and 29th? We could resume the discussion after the holidays on Jan. 5th.



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