[Springboard] not to be outdone, I offer up a few thoughts on the Symposium

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Thanks for your reflections on this journey. I believe it is far bigger than
we all know and the roles played by many that made it possible. You will
notice on the back page of the program I tried to trace this journey to the
call of Lyn Mathews Edwards that brought us together in 2000 and the
follow-on efforts of Springboard led by Jack Gilles, the parallel journeys
of the 40 plus organizations present and many others who could not join us.
There is also and associated with this the diligence of the evolving
leadership of the EI/ICA USA, Canada and ICA International, the established
church ecumenists who have to keep their heads down to some degree to
survive - the story we all need to work on is the one of "convergence" which
your work here lays a foundation for. Thank you for getting this reflection
started and we must give WIDE credit to all who saw this convergence coming
and said yes at one strategic moment. 


As Joe used to tell us "Anyone can run up a flag, but if no one salutes you
are in trouble." Now the hard part begins. How to keep this flag and others
that have been put up waving in many quarters of the larger Spirit movement,
the one that belongs to God, not us. Having gotten a small segment of the
trans-establishment together in a positive moment of reflection and forward
thinking is just the first step. 


With kindest regards.


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Ok, here it is in Word. I'd love to hear your responses and reflections on
the event, and so I decided to be first out of the box by offering up a
little Christmas present to you all.


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