[Springboard] not to be outdone, I offer up a few thoughts on the Symposium

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Carol has a picture of the Walters and the Moore’s in our Seminary days, and we will have to dig for one of Marshall. We should have one of him baby-sitting Rick Walters so Carol and I could go out to dinner in NYC at Union Theological Seminary in 1966.


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Thanks for the reflection, Marshall.  With that and your fine poem for Christmas, you are on a roll!


Also, belatedly, thanks for the fine historical context you did at Janaluska before showing those DVD's.


I liked your extended introduction on "how things really happen".  My guess would be that much more of what happens in our world happens in the way that you describe than according to the story of "wise and courageous institutional leadership, at the helm of an excellent and well organized organization does noble work on financially profitable basis."


I look forward to additional reflections, and would love to meet Maynard Moore, if only to ask him what you and George were like back then.  Anyone have a picture of the three of you in seminary?



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Ok, here it is in Word. I'd love to hear your responses and reflections on the event, and so I decided to be first out of the box by offering up a little Christmas present to you all.



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