[Springboard] not to be outdone, I offer up a few thoughts on the Symposium

Judi White sophiacircle at windstream.net
Sun Dec 27 08:25:51 CST 2009

This holds my experience, including my intent in attending the Symposium Joe Mathews used to say what was on the tip of my tongue. I believe you have done that - with all the details included that I would have not idea about.  Thank you for writing this and sharing. Regarding the workshops - Jacdk Gilles made a comment about the organization needing to have research assemblies. This comment would hold it for me, too. That a methodology that gets to stating what is needed today - rather than leaving the participants with having to make a decision about supporting another project going on. There is a whole hoard of innovations and organizations to support them out there beyond ICA people's experience which are really good. Like IAF.Cynthis, Mirja, and Sue along with so many others  pulled together an umbrella for facilitators. And I heard at the reporting time of the workshops that a new generation of people is needed. If that is the case, then more than hoping on the bandwagon is called for. Something to think about for awhile.
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Ok, here it is in Word. I'd love to hear your responses and reflections on the event, and so I decided to be first out of the box by offering up a little Christmas present to you all.

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