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Dear study group.

Pattie Walters, our daughter-in-law, is interested in joining the study
group and I have added her email above. Please provide her with instructions
for how to join in. Now that we are past the big Symposium push, I am hoping
to join in more as well.


Let us know study times, etc. 


With kindest regards.


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Marianna, thanks for the summary of the session on Chapter 1.  We could not
believe that I suddenly noticed that it was 9:05 and had missed the event.
We just got stuck in doing pre-Christmas tasks, and let the time slip by.
Perhaps we will set an alarm clock on Jan. 5.  Thanks again!  Sounds like
you had a fruitful session!




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Dear Discussion group, 


Last evening (Tuesday Dec. 15) we concentrated on Chapter I of  Global Shift
(Dick West, Mark Dover, and the Baileys).  The chapter on Global Crisis
brought to our consciousness the global distress that plagues human life and
the planet. We also talked about the future pain and suffering that is
predicted for all life from global warming.However, there are many signs
that the world is beginning to wake up. The critical question is will we do
it in time? In the mist of this we encounter the call for all of us to move
toward creating a new set of values and priorities by which to live. Chapter
I exposed us once again to the limits and  possibilities of the future.


Mark Dove gave us a vivid image to pull together our experience of Chapter


"For a long time Holy Communion meant nothing to me, but when I heard the
words that the broken bread is the brokenness of life which you take into
yourself, and the wine represents the call  to engage the injustices of this
world the ritual took on meaning."


Important change! The access telephone number has been changed to


 Jan. 5th is the next call. Have your one sentence ready to read at the
beginning! Chapter 2


Merry Christmas and Happy New year!


The Baileys

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Sorry, we completely forgot about the call on the Global Shift.  What did we
get thru? What are we set up for on January 5.
Enjoy the Holiday Season and Happy New Year to all.
Ellen and Dave Rebstock

2009/12/11 Marianna Bailey <wmbailey at charter.net>

Hi All,


I would like to suggest that next Tuesday we begin our discussion by
everyone giving their name and ONE sentence that stood out for them.
(Chapter I )After that we will let the conversation go wherever it leads us.
A few minutes before our close those who would like can briefly say what new
insight they gained from the discussion.


Would it be OK with everyone to skip Dec.22nd and 29th? We could resume the
discussion after the holidays on Jan. 5th.




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