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Picking our brains about ICA's 
/ ToP microenterprise experiences over the past 40 years? 

Cheryl Zaleski is looking for concrete 
examples to use for a microcredit program.  

Nothing much is coming to my mind.  

There is a fellow in Denver (Bob Samples) who has been connected and works with small loans, a couple in  Fort Collins (retired I think) who reworked ICA's old wisdom on community development for an organization called Village Earth (villageearth.org) that included microenterprise.  Jim Troxel did a series of economic development forums in Chicago neighborhoods,   The Oyler's through the Jacobs Foundation did strategic planning for a microcredit organization based in New Mexico.

I am sending this around to see who else may know of experiences.


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Would you be 
available some time this week so that I can pick your brain about ICA's 
microenterprise experiences over the past 40 years? I'm looking for concrete 
examples to use for the microcredit program.

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