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Dear Jim, Larry and Colleagues, 

There is only one word I would change in Larry's email.  At the Foundation we have been working with a micro-grant program to support local community initiatives.  After the training program folks could submit a project for funding.  These projects included environmental reforestation, sanitation, economic development, work with youth. agriculture etc.  The response and commitment has been incredible.   

The program was launch through the Rob Work Social Artistry Fund.  When Rob retired from the UNDP contribution were made in his name to the Social Artistry program.  He chose to work with ICA Nepal--Tatwa Timsina--on an experimental micro-grant program.  

On the trip in April Evelyn and Aziz (ICA Bangladesh Ex Director) were instrumental in bringing the program to Bangladesh colleagues.  We combined the Social Artistry Leadership program with HIV-AID awareness.  We also provided 8 micro-grants to participants who designed their own HIV/AID awareness plans.  Each grant was approximately $10.00 USD.  Aziz is now pulling together those results. 


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  Janet Sanders, Tatwa Tatsima and the team from ICA Nepal have been working for several years on micro-credit with the Jean Houston Foundation.  Evelyn in April was at one of the programs but the program has been ongoing combining Jean's work with ours to build a community leadership framework to support the program.

  With respect, Larry

  James Wiegel wrote: 
          Picking our brains about ICA's / ToP microenterprise experiences over the past 40 years? 

          Cheryl Zaleski is looking for concrete examples to use for a microcredit program.  

          Nothing much is coming to my mind.  

          There is a fellow in Denver (Bob Samples) who has been connected and works with small loans, a couple in  Fort Collins (retired I think) who reworked ICA's old wisdom on community development for an organization called Village Earth (villageearth.org) that included microenterprise.  Jim Troxel did a series of economic development forums in Chicago neighborhoods,   The Oyler's through the Jacobs Foundation did strategic planning for a microcredit organization based in New Mexico.

          I am sending this around to see who else may know of experiences.


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            Hi, Jim-

            Would you be available some time this week so that I can pick your brain about ICA's microenterprise experiences over the past 40 years? I'm looking for concrete examples to use for the microcredit program.



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