[Springboard] Inviting prayers for Drew Hill

Marilyn R Crocker marilyncrocker at juno.com
Tue Jun 9 22:01:09 EDT 2009

Dear Colleagues,

Like Joe and me, so many of you remember and cherish the gifts of Betty
and Shel Hill to our Order and give thanks for their leadership in the EI
and ICA programs -- the Local Church Experiment, New Women's Forum, LENS,
architecturally transforming Kemper circa 1972, etc. etc;

We also treasure their kids -- Drew, Cory and Lindsay -- who were a good
bit older than our twins, but no so old that they were unwilling to take
Jon and Ben out trick-or treating in Lake Forest in October, 1978 when
the boys were dressed as "tweedle dum" and "tweedle dee."  Jon and Ben
absolutely LOVED the Hills and their welcoming Lake Forest home.

Today Drew is undergoing long and serious surgery in NYC.   

It is important that all of us who love him and the Hill family hold them
in our prayers and positive thoughts, and dare to call upon the
universe's generous and loving embrace to intervene with healing.

All of you who remember and love the Hills, please visit  

There you may be updated on Drew's journey toward recovery, and can offer
greatly appreciated prayers and good wishes for the fight this good man
is making to continue to live.

I give thanks for our worldwide community that at this time can offer
prayers and positive energy for Drew's healing.

Grace, peace and continued love for our community,


Marilyn R. Crocker, Ed.D
Crocker & Associates, Inc.
123 Sanborn Road
West Newfield, ME 04095
(207) 793-3711
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