[Springboard] Fwd: PJD Team Mtg, May 29-31 (ICA Bd Strategy Mtg) Chicago

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We are going to be in Chicago that weekend.  However, we will be in an extended family gathering that has been planned for several months.  It is possible that we might, repeat MIGHT, be able to come by for a few minutes to say hello.  Should we call ICA in Chicago if it turns out we can come by.  Will they know where the Springboard PJD Team is meeting?  Any other suggestions?

Grace and Peace,

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Dear Springboard Members, 

I wanted to draw your attention to the following event.  John Cock would like to have people who are interested in doing more work on getting our spirit work into history to join with him and others this weekend.  This is not just the PJD (Profound Journey Dialogue) but other constructs, writings, models, books and programs.  I would hope that some of you might be able to come.   I won't be there because it is too expensive for me to bring Judy to Chicago from Mexico for the event, but I would urge any of the rest of you to please consider going.  This is an integral part of what we want the Springboard to accomplish.



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Please read attachment and contact us if you're interested in attending the
PJD Team Meeting, May 29-31, as part of the ICA-USA Board 2010 Strategy
Meeting, ICA Conference Center, Chicago. 

John and Lynda
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