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Download them individually. Better yet, skip the 1st and 3rd and download the second only.

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Hi George,
We might be quite interested in this event.  Unfortunately we were unable to unload the attachments. Any help or ideas?

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Colleagues of the Springboard
Wesley Theological Seminary will be the host-sponsor of a symposium on December 17-19, 2009, to commemorate the 2009 opening of the Dr. Joseph Wesley Mathews Archives at the Wesley Theological Seminary Library, publicizing the archives availability for graduate student and public research, and to promote the legacy of Bishop James K. Mathews and Dr. Joseph Wesley Mathews as their ministries continue to inspire People of the Spirit in the 21st Century. This is also associated with the opening in September of the WTS Urban Action and Research Center for which these archives are considered a valuable contribution.
Attached please find a tentative agenda, the work of the interim steering committee for the event. Initial contact with a number of our colleagues during the last week has helped shape this agenda with no major shifts in its format and content to the point that we feel we can begin building on it, refining it, securing the speakers and workshop track leaders and enrolling participants and securing financial sponsorship. Not all of the names on the list have been contacted or confirmed so feel free to respond if you see your name there with suggestions for what role and/or subject matter you would like to focus on.
A major product of the symposium will be to publish a book of the results of the addresses, papers presented, back-ground papers not presented but used as resources, and workshop strategies that are formulated. 
In a few days we will have posted and available an enrollment form and a sponsorship and donations form. The recruitment strategy includes the concept of "each one bring one" for our colleagues to bring and engage new people who may have little knowledge of our heritage but are committed to the future that this symposium will focus on.
For further information and conversation and to provide input please contact any of the following or myself at any of the contact points below:
Maynard Moore (see email above)
Jack Gilles (see email above)
Susan Craver (see email above)
Also on the steering committee is Bill Fauple, special events director and Head Librarian at Wesley Theological Seminary who will be managing Seminary arrangements and liaise with Maynard Moore in that regard. Anyone out there who feels like they would like to take on some work, we need someone to manage enrollment and several some ones to push the recruiting. 100 participants will let us break even. Let's shock ourselves and get 500.
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