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Jim:    I don't recall any "standardized' questions for the rehearsal dinner, but I found my actual notes for the questions asked at Karen Synder and Jim Troxel's dinner, 3/10/1969:

    Qns to the group of colleagues assembled:
        1.  What do you see going on in marriages that would make you want to get married?
        2.    What observe in new marriages?
        3.    What observe in the old marriages? (apparently directed to marr's in the Order over the past quarters.)
        4.    What's going on in Non-Western marriages?
        5.    What's going on in marriages in College 2?  (dinner attendees were selected from their college.)
        6.     What do you see in marriages of the future?

    Qns of the Troxels and the group:
        7.    No reason for marriage as we know it.  Why are you getting married?  Where are your doubts?  Where the struggle?
        8.    What's taking place in the future for the Troxel family?  What is going to happen?

    Qn asked of Jim and Karen:
        9.  What do you see going to happen in the Troxel marriage?

        Jim, hope these are helpful.  I also have notes on answer given at that meal...probably not to relevant.

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        What were the conversation questions used as a part of the rehearsal dinner??

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