[Springboard] Golden Pathways CD at Wedgeblade

Tim Wegner twegner at swbell.net
Mon May 25 15:44:28 EDT 2009

John Epps wrote:

> Sometime we need to get it into acceptable formats -- not sure 
> whether that should be before or after digitizing, but some of the > photocopies are quite faded.

The Golden Pathways CD took the approach of making image files of 
documents by scanning them.  This process could be done better today 
if we can find the originals. But it would be a monumental job. There 
are many thousands of files - 4100 to be exact!


At 08:44 AM 5/25/2009 -0500, you wrote:
John Cock wrote (on OE list):

> Three cheers to whomever put this online!!!

Gordon Harper sent me the CD with a note that Sandra True of the ICA
board wanted it in the wedgeblade repository.

I put the CD online at wedgeblade, after converting all file names to
lower case so the html would work right with the Wedgeblade server.



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