[Springboard] Report on Ken Gilbert

George Packard george.packard1 at rcn.com
Wed Nov 4 22:45:40 CST 2009

Ken Gilbert suffered a stroke yesterday Tuesday the third. This is an update
from this evening.

His early morning was sluggish and slightly incoherent, but this afternoon
as he became more awake and out of the influence first emergency medicines
he began to joke about why everyone was caring for him when he was the one
who was to be caring for them. He seemed to regain his humor and context and
realize whar had happened. There is still a battery of tests and as of yet
they have not found the anurism. Some of the tests will require as much as
two weeks to get the results. The family core is still in Albuquerque and
they have arranged to stay at the hotel through Saturday. By which time they
should know more and be able to make new decisions.

They are unable to respond to calls, but are asking that e mails be the form
of communication. 
Ruth's address is ruthhgilbert at gmail.com

Please keep Ken's recovery and the family's well being in your hearts and
minds; We will put any news we hear on line immediately.
George and Elise Packard

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