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Bill Bailey bailey03132 at charter.net
Fri Nov 13 14:29:02 CST 2009

Enclosed and attached is additional information about the book for our book study "Global Shift " that starts next month. 

GLOBAL SHIFT (How a new worldview is transforming Humanity) by Edmund J. Bourne. 


The book is related to the Institute of Noetic Sciences. It is a well written contextual (past, present, and future) presentation of the journey toward a new emerging worldview that will eventually replace the present worldview which is composed of a mechanical - materialistic relationship between the human and the universe.


You can go to Amazon.com and read both the introduction and the Index of the book. This book will remind us of many things we dreamed of and talked about while in the order. 


But more importantly it will bring "us-up-to-date" concerning our experiences in what is called the post-modern world of today.

Grace & Peace, Bill Bailey

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