[Springboard] ICA-USA announcement

Sandra/Bob True icatrue at igc.org
Thu Oct 8 09:42:45 CDT 2009

Dear ICA colleagues and supporters, 

In September 2007, Nino Tillman became Executive Director of the ICA-USA. He
assumed this position during one of the most challenging times in ICA's
history. Over the last two years Nino has accomplished much to repair
bridges, build new relationships and break new ground. On September 30, 2009
Nino Tillman submitted his resignation.  

The Executive Director position remains vacant until transition plans are
decided by the Board of Directors. In the interim, Terry Bergdall, as
Associate Director,  will assume the duties and responsibilities that were
formerly Nino's.   

On behalf of the ICA-USA Board of Directors, we wish Nino well in his future
endeavors and look forward to future collaborations as they appear.

With respect,

Douglas Druckenmiller
President, ICA-USA
Board of Directors

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icatrue at igc.org

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