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> ICA-USA Teen Summer Program
> A Force for Positive Social Change
> Beginning in June, Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA implemented an  
> intensive facilitative training and job experience program for 107  
> community youth, ages 14-24 years.  The Summer Teen Facilitators  
> Pilot Program was a ground breaking experience in many ways.  It  
> challenged the youth to discover new ways of thinking through ICA  
> facilitation training and new ways of acting and working through  
> ecology-friendly and “green” projects. There were 15 different  
> origins represented and 8 different languages spoken by the youth. T 
> he overall goal of the program was to empower the young leaders of t 
> omorrow to have a voice in society today.
> I have posted on the ICA-USA website’s (www.ica-usa.org) Home Page a 
>  short video that highlights the program and the youth. Please, chec 
> k it out.  I hope you enjoy the smiling faces and the “force for pos 
> itive social change” that they represent.
> Be well,
> Karen
> Karen A. Sims
> Director of Resource Development and External Affairs
> Institute of Cultural Affairs-USA
> Phone: 773-769-6363
> Fax: 773-769-1144
> We recently updated our website.  See our new look at www.ica-usa.org
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