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This is very good. I believe Cozart was often referred to as one who helped
our insights into the scientific revolution. This certainly bears that out.
Wayne, would there be any problem in using this as a background paper for
the Symposium, possible in the Education Track? By problem I mean
copyrights, etc. Or is it better just not to ask?

With kindest regards.

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david scott here --

Thanks for the Cozart article.

I came to the Order in the late summer of 1964.  Bill Cozart was name
that came up often around the table.  In my recollection he only
visited once while I was there.  He presented a lecture that was very
much like what is found in this article.  If my memory is correct,
Cozart also taught for a time at the Free University in Berlin.

Thanks again for bring William back to mind.

david scott

2009/9/29 Wayne  Nelson <wnelson at ica-associates.ca>:
> I was fishing in our archives the other day and found this article on
> Cybernetics by William Cozart.  It was in a Nov 1966 is ue of “ie”, the
> newsletter of the day.
> Cozart was a key member of the Faith and Life Community and, from what I
> read, had his head screwed on the right way.
> As I read the article, I got more and more excited. It could have been
> written in 2007 as well as 1967.  Real visionary thinking.
> Enjoy
> If anyone has a copy, I’m looking for an article by him called, “Model
> Building as a Way of Life.” Please let me know if you have any clues as to
> how to find it.
> \\/
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