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Looks like another of those irritating Mac/PC disagreements may be affecting
folks ability to download and read this second great reflection from David.

Here are two reformatted versions, one of which should work (if the stars
are properly aligned and your karma is clear, evidently). Alas as far as the
technology has come, it still sometimes feels like practicing a
long-forgotten dark art.

With profound gratitude for the enduring presence of the Ordering Dynamic in

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Hello colleagues.

I've attached the second of three talking papers-pondering the relationship
among the ICA, the Ecumenical Institute and the network of colleagues-as a
.doc and as a .pdf document. Three pages this time.

The third paper, with ideas, priorities, roles and budget thoughts, should
arrive next week. 

Had a great conversation about the October Archive event with Marge, Pam and
Terry by phone this morning.


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