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Dear Colleagues,

I just received this note from our dear UMC colleague in Uncasville, CT. 
We had not received anything about this from the Conference, but Eric
must have -- and Joe and I wondered if any of you closer to DC or in
regular contact with Bishop Jim and Eunice could update us on his status.

With prayers for one of our mentors on the journey,


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Greetings, friends!
Just saw the note that Bishop Mathews is in intensive care - kidney
Thought of you folks  -  and are you well?
Bishop Mathews, one time drove up to Berlin, New Hampshire, I think
unannounced, to talk with me in our house there.
Pretty amazing, it is at least a four hour drive from Boston back in
those days.

You and he were a signal part of an incredibly significant time in the
life of the Church.
We were excited and renewed to be at the edges of that renewal.
What an awesome journey it was  -  and is through many that carry on.

Grace and Peace,
and Love from all of us in Uncasville,
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