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Jim Jewell first ran into the Institute when living in Norman, OK.  He attended the last (pre) RS-1 course in Austin before the move to Chicago, in 1962.  He spent a lot of hours in research, pulling things together, and was part of the "room E" research dynamic in the early and mid '70's.  He thought that the work done, back then, on the Other World (understanding the internal states of being of depth humanness) was some of the most valuable we did, even though we never broke through on it.

In the 80's, Jim was one of the trainers that helped develop and deliver ToP methods training in the Pacific Northwest.  Jim told the story of being invited, along with Dorothea, to train facilitators for Town Meetings in Nome Alaska.  They had the wisdom to suggest that a real Town Meeting, attended by community members and facilitated by the participants.  The meeting was held in a village outside Nome.  One of the participants had a whale hunter in her family and brought muktuk (fresh whale skin and blubber) to share.  According to Jim, the Town Meeting went well, and the taste of the muktuk was unique and quite pleasant.

Jim said, "Participation is in my bones.  I can't imagine working with a group without their full participation.  The result would not be as good.  The group is always smarter than you are."

Thanks, Dorothea, Mark, Diane, Russel, Nathan, for sharing Jim with me and with us.

[Pete Seeger] talks about how important it is to him to get an audience singing along. "I guess it’s kind of a religion with me.  Participation: that’s what’s going to save the human race." -- Pete Seeger in The Power of Song

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Jean, I really appreciated your memories of Monu.  I first met 
him as "Menzes" in 1971 at the Jabalpur ITI.  He and another young man 
(whose name I don't recall) teamed up and were "the life of the party" among the 
many older, more serious participants.  His enthusiasm and engaging charm 
were infectious.  When Joe and I encountered him again five years later at 
the HDTS in Maliwada he had become, indeed, a spirit giant.  Does 
anyone know where his journey took him after the Nava Gram Prayas days?

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On Tue, 26 Jan 2010 19:02:13 -0700 Jean Long <jean.long512 at gmail.com> 
I met Monu at the first training school in Maliwada.  He had been to 
>  an ITI and, understanding that symbol was key, he changed his name from 
>  Menzies (christian) to Monu (Hindu) so it would not be a block to Indian 
>  villagers.  
>Monu and I were assigned to Chikale, one of the four villages started 
>  with graduates from the first school.  I never heard Monu speak the 
>  English words to the magic he shared with folks as he was always speaking in 
>  Marati or Hindi - either translating or speaking directly to villagers.  
>  He created sheer poetry.  I will never forget meetings when he spoke to 
>  angry villagers.  They would come in stiff with anger - and within 
>  minutes their heads would start to waggle (Hindi for yes) and he had them from 
>  then on!  I asked him once what he said to them and he said I just put 
>  their anger in perspective.
>That year Monu did exactly what he was  called to do using a deep 
>  understanding of O:E and ICA spirit and social methods 
>  and  extraordinary spirit skills.  I never saw him 
>  happier.
>He was a great soul and he is now singing with the saints for sure.
>Jean Long
>2010/1/25 A.M. Noel <amnoel at comcast.net>
>>    Vinod,
>>How are 
>>    you?
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>>    (sp?)
>>Sorryto hear of Monu's death 
>>    Jack. 
>>    asked Hiraman to let us have Laxmi's phone number. 
>>    and I are going to be with TISS at Tuljapur tomorrow onwards. 
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>>    Monu Bhatacharrya (sp?) 
>>Dear Colleagues, 
>>I am in India and was just notified today by 
>>    one of our colleagues 
>>that Monu died yesterday. He had been ill for some 
>>    time. That is all 
>>I know at the moment. 
>>Grace & Peace, 

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