[Springboard] A small "branding" exercise

David Dunn dmdunn1 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 15:15:39 CST 2010

Hello All.

Here's a little mental exercise: brainstorm possible names for an online download site for a company. The company is owned by a friend in Denver who makes audio recordings of presentations at conferences—Richard Rohr, Thomas Keating, Lauren Artress types and others related strictly to business. His clients are clamoring to have the talks available for download from an online store.

CAVEAT: The company's primary business is related to audio recording of people with religious-spiritual credentials, BUT the company also caters to some regular businesses with zero connection or interest in religious-spiritual credentials.

CHALLENGE: What name would work for a website, selling downloads of audio talks, that caters to Buddhists, Catholic and Protestant Christians, AND mainstream businesses?

The name has to be memorable and communicate audio recordings, without being off putting to either segment of a sort of polar-opposites market.



David Dunn
dmdunn1 at gmail.com

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