[Springboard] Brief on dreamwork

John Cock jpc2025 at triad.rr.com
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Great project, David. Thank you. Keep it up.
On 4 circles of Bug model you have below, what if went with "celebrate,"
"learn," "serve," and "intercommune" (Berry)? Read the Spong page today from
Ellie, bottom comment by questioner and answer by Spong, to see why
"worship" is easily misunderstood today. "Study" has pointed to intellectual
learning, "witness (to)" is probably human-centered.
Celebrate/learn/serve/intercommune can also go with the upper four of five
points of Pentagon, and "covenant" at heart of Bug can go with the fifth,
"primal community," of Pentagon -- which is an image I'd recommend for
below: (primal) community/awakenment/formation/engagement/sustenance.


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On Feb 18, 2010, at 9:20 AM, Judi White wrote:

Sharing images instead of word/phrase brainstorming is very Psychosynthesis.
I really love this because it is more inclusive of what we are creating in
our dreams.

Hello colleagues.

Judi's "sharing images instead of words/phrases." can't be passed up. I
alluded to my "maps of the soul" project when I sent out a version of the
bug model a while back. I've begun republishing all of our classic teaching
images in spiffy digital form and hope to collect stories and examples of
their use and impact from many people in our network. 

A web site is taking shape at <spiritjourneys.wik.is
<http://spiritjourneys.wik.is/> > that I hope many will visit, contribute to
and comment on. Maps is of course just a catchy synonym for images. What key
images have I forgotten? Do you buy the premise that we can divide our
classic images into [interior-related] soul images, [exterior, work in the
world] tools, and [images of dynamics] bridging images that link the two?



David Dunn
dmdunn1 at gmail.com

The "master map" is a work in progress, with some obvious gaps and
placeholders. dd

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