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Dear Bob,

Last year my local community chorus raised $50,000. to build a school for
CIA.  It was an amazing experience for the group and for this rather rural
community we live in.  Mortensen is speaking in Baltimore later this spring.

Good to hear from you.
Louise Ballard

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> Dear friends and colleagues,
> Last Tuesday night I finished reading "Stones into Schools" by Greg
> Mortenson, and went to the CAI website to peruse it.  I noticed a
> speaking calendar and clicked on it.  Lo and behold, Greg was in
> Toronto that very day (serendipity) and would be speaking at public/
> private schools in Toronto.   As well he was doing a public talk at
> the Toronto Reference Library on Wednesday evening.

> I called first thing Wed A.M. for tickets, sold out, but learned
> they were going to show his talk on closed circuit tv on the main
> floor.  He gave a wonderful presentation to over a 1,000 people.  He
> came down stairs and talked to the larger group for 10 minutes or
> so, and then did a book signing.  I waited in line for 2 hours, and
> there was still an hours worth of people behind me.  The work he is
> doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan is amazing, and represents a truly
> positive story of this part of the world.  I strongly recommend both
> of his books, "Two Cups of Tea" and "Stones Into Schools".  If you
> are looking for a compelling organization to support, the Central
> Asian Institute rates a 10.
> I was so impressed with his good nature, humility, patience and
> continuous graciousness that I wrote him a check on the spot.
> Grace and peace,
> Bob Rafos

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