[Springboard] Screen from our summer 71 Corporate Reading Research Project

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In our small study group, we are studying Global Shift and Marianna Bailey suggested we try to remember the corporate reading research project and the screen we use and to see if there is something we would see if we are all together.  Don't let the use of "man" distract you too much . . .  Here is the format of the screen.  I have attached the whole introduction.  I would be happy to put this in a web application if people wanted to use it.

"The format of the screen is organized with the author and title of 
the book at the top. The next listing is a statement of the author's thesis and 
key sections. The thesis and clues will help you get a picture of the whole book 
and indicate the particular references that are key to getting on top of the 
thrust of the whole book. The back of the screen contains a chart of the book 
and quotes that illuminate the insights on the front. Listed on the front are 
insights from the book that relate respectively to the Social Dynamics, the 
Primary Contradictions, the Practical Proposals and the Inclusive Vision."

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Here are the outlines for 3 more chapters, I didn't get Chapter 4 done in time for last weeks session so I am including it tonight.  Talk with you tommorow about Chapters 5 & 6.

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