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Don't be sorry.  Now that we know that you are in the country, why not cruise on down to Florida and visit the Tippetts??  How are you two doing?

mike and judith

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My apology, for having this go to all of you on this list serve.  My mistake.
n Jul 15, 2010, at 10:31 PM, Jack Gilles wrote:
> Dear Nan & Bill,
 Judy and I are flying from OKC to BWI on Saturday and will be renting a car in 
C on Monday.  Because I had my driver's license stolen in my wallet I need to 
et a new one.  I am led to believe I can get it in a day at Harrisburg.  We 
ant to go on to Maine like we did a few years ago.  We were wondering if you 
ere at home and if it might be possible to stop at your place on our way to 
aine and while we get the license.  Not sure of what day right now, but perhaps 
uesday and then head to Maine on Wednesday.  We would be coming back through 
he next week to catch a flight from BWI to MN to visit Judy''s family.  Let us 
now if this works for you.  Lots to share with you from the meetings at OKC.
 Jack & Judy
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