[Springboard] A Global Repository — reflections on the May Sojourn Month

David Dunn dmdunn1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 30 16:23:01 CDT 2010

Hello colleagues.

I've attached a talking paper that begins to spin reflections about the May Archive Sojourn month in Chicago. 

The purpose of this talking paper. This talking paper is the first of three that I hope will stimulate conversation about the future of EI-OE-ICA. I started writing the paper in early June after the May Archive Sojourn month to share reflections and proposals that arose from my experience. I’m championing an expanded image of the role and function of the Global Archive as a repository dynamic with ongoing publishing, communicating and community building activities. 

This piece is a first take on thinking about the meaning of the three events that have occurred in the last twelve months: the "Transforming the Legacy" symposium in DC, the "May Archive Sojourn" in Chicago, and the ICA-Oklahoma City University "Peace Poverty Planet Earth" conference in OKC earlier this month.

The first paper starts some bridge building between the old ICA and the old movement to a way of imagining how we might reengage with each other in one last, vital burst of creativity needed to care for the human family.

Jim Wheeler and Bill Parker have recently made two very fine statements that project new images of the future of the Ecumenical Institute. I hope that they will post them on the listservs.

You might think of the three papers I'm sending as attempts to spin a new set of narratives about the role and value of a new ordering dynamic in relationship with EI and ICA.

I'll find a place to post these papers online where they can be downloaded.

Give me feedback.


David Dunn
740 S Alton Way 9B
Denver, CO 80247
dmdunn1 at gmail.com

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