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david here --

Thanks for the article and the Refkin film.

Are you planning on being at OKCU in July.


2010/6/4 James Wiegel <jfwiegel at yahoo.com>

> This seems to apply to ToP and to ICA as well . . .  The article was about
> a fellow who invented a lens printing machine that could cheaply produce eye
> glass lenses for the poor.  It has not been widely implemented.
> Griffith’s lesson: The most brilliant invention needs more than capital to
> succeed in overcoming cultural, institutional, infrastructure, and other
> barriers. As researchers have long known, one cannot change a complex system
> (such as our economic or social system) by changing just one thing. A
> coördinated set of interventions by multiple parties is required. Federal
> agencies need to work with local communities, private corporations with
> foundations and universities, in order to achieve a common goal. The new
> paradigm must go beyond task forces and other ad-hoc groups. The new
> management paradigm must sustain efforts to tackle energy issues over years
> and decades. In short, we must have sustainable management. Until we have
> energy-efficient management processes, we will never have an
> energy-efficient society.
> Read more:
> http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/letters/2010/06/07/100607mama_mail2#ixzz0ptZ4vzUv
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