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Oh, and I have a question, it came up for me this morning while I was cutting the front lawn.

What in the NRM charts was called "Meditation" seems quite different from how we began using the term in 1984 --   Wilber and Buddhists, etc.  Seems more relevant to the first box on the BEING chart -- "Bottomless Center", or the upper right hand corner of the Contemplation chart -- "Unexplainable Thereness", or the lower right hand corner, "All Being in Myself"

I would appreciate hearing from some of you who regularly practice this sort of meditation as to the connection to the NRM charts.

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Yes, we will probably find "something" in the archives.  We have been
sorting in that area already and we are still in the process of
organizing materials for digitizing so they can be available to
everyone.  We are finding the process slow and it is difficult to
answer specific questions like this one you pose.  My sense is that by
the time that we did the NRM charts we had already worked through a
lot of the concepts and they were not labeled NRM in the early
thinking and early documents.

David Dunn is preparing a Filemaker data file in which list the names
of folders as we are arranging them archively in acid free folders. At
some undesignated time we will put that list on line so youall can
search for items you are interested in.  We then will gradually scan
(digitize) to make them available, rather than wait until the whole
sorting process is complete and all can be digitized at the same time.

Sorry, I can't be more specific today but I will look through that
file drawer on Thursday to see if my brain responds to your question.
I've been vacationing for two weeks, found my family all doing great
in California and Texas, and now am back in Chicago settled into
thinking archives.  Grace and Peace, Marge Philbrook

2010/6/16 Richard & Maria Maguire <unfolding at smartchat.net.au>:
> Hi
> Thank you for making the electronic images Bill.  We are pleased to still
> have a mint quality set in our files.  They were very beautifully done.
> Is there a document anywhere accessible that describes the contents of the
> boxes in the charts, as well as the column and row titles.  The lectures I
> have from the NRM series tend to be contextual. They generally do not appear
> to be  to be built on them and nor do they go into them very much.  I find
> the words fascinating, and though I can guess at some, many are not so
> apparent, and I imagine even those I think I understand have more in them
> than I realize.  Each of the columns in a way appears to tell a story, maybe
> there are some documents that put some meat on the bones.
> Can anyone around give some information on this, or will we find something
> in the archives?
> Best wishes
> Richard and Maria Maguire
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