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Jack Gilles icabombay at igc.org
Wed Jun 16 13:30:55 CDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,

We now are getting a handle on what we need to do at the post-OIKOS/ 
ICA event at Oklahoma City University (OKCU).  I'm sending this email  
and the attached work to the Springboard Dialogue group because the  
earlier mailing didn't cover everyone I know who is associated with  
the work we've done through Springboard gatherings and I now feel the  
meeting we're going to have is a continuation of that series of  

So a bit of a context for the new people getting this email.  After  
the event scheduled for Oklahoma City University with OIKOS and ICA,  
which begins Monday July 12th and ends with lunch on the 14th, a group  
of us will begin meeting regarding the continuing dialogue about what  
and how we get our wisdom (historical and current) in form(s) that we  
can share with Those Who Care.  We have talked a lot about this and  
there has been quite a bit of work done already over the last couple  
of years.  But at this meeting I would hope we would prioritize what  
we need to do, build some plans for it to happen and get started  
toward some specific goals for 2010-11.   You will see I actually  
think this Formation work.

Mark Davies has graciously arranged for those of us coming for the  
first event to be able to extend our stay in the rooms we are getting  
for $22/night/person.  However there are colleagues willing to host  
some of us who need to save some money.  Let Pat Webb know if you need  
that.  Mark has also said we can have space to meet in, which is  

We will meet later in the afternoon of the 14th to begin (4??) and  
have our first session together.  I thought we'd consider going out  
together that evening and our colleagues in OKC can help us there.  We  
would have all day the 15th, and although a couple of people need to  
depart Friday morning, some of us might continue to meet on Friday  
morning to push through details.  If you are coming and haven't made  
your plane reservations please look at Friday afternoon, evening or  
Saturday for departure if possible.

Again, for those getting this for the first time, in an earlier email  
I sent out a set of triangles that I had worked on and called ""The  
Academy for the 21st Century Spirit Movement".   It was my attempt to  
put into a "Knowing" Doing" Being" format our wisdom and what we may  
consider sharing in some form.  But it was not a design of a new  
Academy, but simply a vehicle to get some coherence into our work.   
You will see that in the 3rd Draft I've changed the title and as well  
as several of the sub-triangles.  The accompanying text document  
contains paragraphs on each triangle explaining my meaning and  
rationale for the title as well as what the next level might consist  
of (level 4).   But remember, this is just a dialogue tool, not a  
construct.  As such I hope it stimulates thinking on what we need to  
clarify and work on.  We need to prioritize and then polish and choose  
a form or instrument to make it accessible.

You will see from the opening context of the text document that I see  
four tasks before us at OKSU.  These triangles are just a way to look  
at how we might prioritize for the other three tasks; Historical  
Archives, Repository & Video Interviews, and Resurgent Publishing.  To  
this end, I would ask David Dunn & Jan Sanders and Dick Sims to bring  
us up to speed on the Global Archives project, Gordon Harper, Len  
Hockley and Jim Weigel to share with us their thinking of the  
evolution of the Repository web site and the future of the interview  
process, and George Walters & John Epps to share some vision and  
possibility for Resurgent Publishing.  I also think Geroge, people  
would appreciate an update on the event in DC at Wesley Theological  
Seminary.   I would hope we could get all of that work done by  
Wednesday evening and then go from there.

Finally, for those who can not attend, please consider joining us via  
Skype for any or all of our time together.  We've done that before at  
our meetings and with speakers and cameras it can feel that you're  
with us at the table.

So, let the conversation continue, especially ideas of prep we need to  
do before we arrive.

Grace & Peace,


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