[Springboard] Monday, 5/3 of the May Archive Sojourn

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Mon May 3 23:33:53 CDT 2010

Hello people.

We're duly launched. Beret Griffith, Sandra True, Frank Knutson, Evelyn Philbrook, Sally Fenton, Pam Bergdall, Marge Philbrook, and, as possible Terry Bergdall are working on TM files. Kitty Cole will come in for the day tomorrow. We have a young Macedonian civil servant, Todor Efremov, from the Economic Development office of a small town of 40,000 named Kavadarci. He and Efrem (ICA's chief building engineer) had a great conversation after lunch. Todor is a Humphrey Institute fellow doing professional development work in the US and was interested when he and his program heard about our Archive Project from Cheryl Kartes and (am I correct?) Sue Laxdahl.

Great crew.

Here are today's links:

Downloadable photos at my web gallery:

Photos on the Archives Facebook group:

Photos at my Flickr.com site:

Short video clips at my YouTube site:

I'm going to see if I can get some audio interviews done tomorrow. Perhaps a sort of portal site for the project with these photo, video and blog links added on a simple web page can follow in a day or so.

Give me feedback on whether the videos are too large and therefore too slow to play and/or download. I'll make smaller versions.

What would you like to hear people comment on when I take my microphone around? What would you think about as we work through the first iteration of this sorting and collating process related—this time—to town meetings and community forums?

I'm especially interested to hear from the ToP Trainers about what would be interesting reportage from these four weeks from your point of view. The Facebook group has the chart of the focus of each of these four weeks in May during which ICA-related colleagues from pretty far afield will spend a week or two organizing the first and arguably most significant archival collections: town meetings, spirit methods, core curriculum and human development projects respectively.

More follows daily throughout the week ahead.


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