[Springboard] May 5 photos from the May Archive Sojourn crew in Chicago

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Wed May 5 23:36:56 CDT 2010

Hello all.     

Here are tonight's photo links.




We're getting a little nervous that it's Wednesday and we still have several large piles to work through—Texas and Mississippi come to mind. We decided today to do sorting of the files by state and data entry for the town meetings not yet in the database simultaneously in teams of two. Evelyn Philbrook is our champion data entry typist at some amazing speed like 80+ words per minute. Sally Fenton gets our stamina and attitude award for data entry typist for sheer exercise of will to make stiff fingers do her will. They obey.

We're getting our hanging file frames into the file cabinet drawers, the Filemaker Pro software is installed on two computers and we're about to make the transition from the Excel spreadsheet to the new Filemaker database. This will be a step up into a very powerful, user friendly and highly adaptable tool for making data entry, search and arranging our data, and useful reporting much easier. We'll make the transition carefully over the weekend before next week's team arrives and expects us to have our act together.

What questions would you like to address to the members of this week's team? I'd like to do a podcast of various answers.

Good wishes to all.


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