[Springboard] Mothers Day and Oil

Jeanette Stanfield jstanfield at ica-associates.ca
Sun May 9 09:30:08 CDT 2010

Dear Colleagues,

I woke up today thinking about the Thomas Berry poem John Cock put in  
his journal a while back:

To the children

  To all the children

To the children who swim beneath

The waves of the sea, to those who live in

The soils of the Earth, to the children of the flowers

In the meadows and the trees in the forest, to

All those children who roam over the land

And the winged ones who fly with the winds,

To the human children too, that all the children

May go together into the future …….

And I heard the song We of Earth by Carolyn McDade.  A few of words  
We of Earth declare our responsiblity to the whole, to the future.  We  
on Earth
declare our responsibility to the beautiful Gaia.

And meanwhile the oil gushes out on all these children .

I wonder if there is not an opportunity here that this oil fire has  
caused.  I am not talking about
the angry response although that is certainly there.  I am talking  
about a consciousness raising
response.  I remember the power of the Sorry Ceremonies in Australia  
to the Aboriginal People.
In the first place it was an acknowledgement, a sacred rite of  
reconciliation.  The country as a whole
and many individuals experienced a new consciousness-a new experience  
of community stir within them.

I wonder if this oil gush of destruction might occasion a Sorry  
Ceremony in America- a Sorry Ceremony to
Mother Earth and all of her children.   I can see thousands of people  
on the sands across the Gulf in a ceremony
as the oil comes in.  I see churches,mosques, temples, environmental  
groups, indigenous people,
all those cultural creatives Hawken talks about in ceremony.

I would love to know what you see.

Happy Mother's Day.

Jeanette Stanfield

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