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Wayne Nelson wnelson at ica-associates.ca
Tue May 11 09:57:17 CDT 2010

Facebook's main problems and major objectives have to do with their approach
to privacy of personal information.  The owner says he doesn't believe in
it.  All of the cute little "apps" on Facebook are there to collect
information about the users. They are in a kind of dance through with the
regulators who look after the laws and rules related to privacy of personal

The doomsday scenario is less related to stolen content than it is the
ability of companies and hackers to create profiles of groups as well as
individuals. There have been stories of real deal con artists actually
stealing identities and scamming people out of money etc.  A call to
someone's gramdma saying they are the grand daughter stuck in Europe - lost
passport and ticket etc - with no money to get home. Grandma coughs up - in
some cases several times.

It's related to the movement in the IT community about "Open Everything."
It started with Linix and open source software and has grown to an attitude
that is trying to blow the locks off everything on the net.

I review my Facebook privacy settings and avoid all those little dumb games
etc. I wouldn't put any content there that I was really serious about.

I like the ability to connect with people and keep up with friends.


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