[Springboard] FW: RPC releases - MATURE CHRISTIANITY: For Come of Age Christians in a come-of-age world

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George Walters has requested that I send this to the list serves, so some of
you will get this multiple times.  The price of the books goes down to $11
in boxes of ten.  So get a group together. Bill Holmes is working on a study
guide. George reports that son Rick designed the cover of the Holmes book.
Very nice!!   He also mentioned that the Symposium book is beginning to be
worked on.  From Holmes' presentation at the Symposium and the high
recommendation of Pat Tuecke, who was in his congregation,  I look forward
to reading this book.    Lynda Cock


From: M. George Walters [mailto:m.george.walters at verizon.net] 
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Subject: RPC releases - MATURE CHRISTIANITY: For Come of Age Christians in a
come-of-age world

Resurgence Publishing Corporation is pleased to release "MATURE
CHRISTIANITY: for come-of-age Christians in a come-of-age world" by William
A. Holmes, author, minister, lecturer and TV host. Those of you who attended
the Wesley Theological Seminary Symposium in December 2009 honoring Joseph
Wesley Mathews and Bishop James K. Mathews inaugurating the opening of Joe's
personal archives at the Seminary will remember Dr. William A. Holmes
keynote address, "Two Brothers - One Mission: To Build the Earth".


Jim Lehrer of the NewsHour says:
"MATURE CHRISTIANITY is a book with a shelf life of forever. No one who is a
Christian in the modern world or contemplates becoming one should ever leave
home - or mind or spirit - without it. Bill Holmes knows what he's talking
about and he says it directly and superbly."


Download the Flyer



George McGovern, U. S. Senator (Ret.) says: 
"Don't read this book unless you want to be intellectually and spiritually
challenged - sometimes painfully - by an author who has for many years
probed the depths of his own faith. One of the most admired prophetic voices
in the land, he writes as well as he speaks."


In Bill's own words:

"I am writing for adults living in a world of science and modernity, as
opposed to a world of superstition and anachronisms.(a world) where radical
freedom and radical obligation co-exist in the struggle to make responsible



ATTENTION STUDY GROUPS: In this book, Bill captures the practical
application of a "resurgent" understanding of the theological foundations of
Christianity for those who wish to practice this faith with integrity and
responsibility in the 21st century.




Publisher <http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/> 's Overview


Order  <http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/purchase.htm> Online


Print Order Form and  <http://www.resurgencepublishing.com/orderform.htm>
Pay by Check


Download the Flyer


You may order this book through www.ResurgencePublishing.com or contact Bill
directly. Both single copies and bulk orders with publisher's discounts are
available along with other sentinel publications by RPC.


With kindest regards.


M. George Walters

For the editorial team and officers of RPC 




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