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David Dunn dmdunn1 at gmail.com
Tue May 25 22:28:53 CDT 2010

Hello colleagues.

Jan Ulangca and Randy and Mary Beth Williams join us this week. Jan arrived yesterday. We expect the Williams tomorrow.  We're working on human development projects, documenting our work and lessons learned, and debriefing with Terry Bergdall this Friday afternoon before we head off in all directions.

This has been a wild ride so far. Our learning curve is just barely keeping up with our hopes and expectations for making a big dent in the stored archive files. 

I've been bending and riveting a new web site into being, just to keep the Archive Project visible and engaging. We'll see if it's airworthy and safe for the average passenger, with enough leg room for long people and sufficiently easy to read safety instructions for anyone new to air travel and short on flying experience.

Click on the link—ei-oe-ica.org—to visit the web site. I've posted new photos on FlickrDotCom and also embedded the same Flickr photo gallery in the new site. It's set up as a blog with extra pages and has a few posts with the beginnings of an online collection of archive treasures. It also has some funky habits and rough edges, so be patient while we work out the bugs. 

This is supposed to be super-user-friendly and very useful. Add comments, give me feedback and make suggestions. 


David Dunn
dmdunn1 at gmail.com

Creative direction and spiritual companioning

PS. You'll see the same three new photo sets at the Flickr site:


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