[Springboard] The Emerging Shape of the New Pedagogy and a reference to David Whyte

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On Sep 19, 2010, Bill Parker wrote about our changing times and the changing nature of our calling:

> There is no new pedagogy nor new pedagogue without embodying that which is being disclosed in the style of the pedagogy. RSI changed our lives because the pedagogues were living their pedagogy! That reality was the methodology. We, too, are called to be that embodiment regardless of whether we say yes or no to what history is asking us to do.

Pat Webb and I had an email exchange recently that fits into this conversation. I wrote to Pat:

> My quest has been revealed to me in a rather more clear light recently. I introduced myself with the expression "post-Christian secular religious" for the first time in public a few weeks ago and surprised myself by giving a name for what I've been reaching for for some years. It's a puzzlement to find myself in but not off the church, in and not of the world — both of which seem to equate to "in but not of my own symbol system." There are surely a myriad conversations to be had about one's calling when the calling seems to transcend the faith tradition that gave us heart to recognize and ears to hear the call. It all seems a bit torturous. 
To which Pat replied:

> I think these words describe very accurately the human journey of our times.  We are asked to be grounded and expanded at the same time, reaching out and including more and more in our little image baskets because the Earth is desperate for that.

…and then added a provocative reference: 

> People who are aware of this process and consciously cooperating with it are developing what David Whyte calls "True Presence" and a "Conversational Identity".  If you haven't gotten his Live in San Francisco DVD, you and Burna would just love it!  I think I ordered it for $15 on his website DavidWhyte. com  ???? You might want to check it out.  Good spirit nurture.

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